Virginie Kleinclaus

Despite her relentless desire for dancing, When she smiles, the room lights up and she sprinkles warmth everywhere she goes. Fact.

Virginie, born in Strasbourg, has had a 25 year long career climbing swiftly the ladder in well known multinational companies, assembling and leading teams in producing outstanding work in marketing, branding and licensing. Profit was never her motivation. Instead, her true rewards manifested by enabling her team collectively and individually by her natural talent for leadership through example, empowerment and empathy, to produce award-winning work.

Her heart was singing another song though, and when she became aware that her heart and gifts lie in self-development, she took a deep breath and resigned. She immersed herself in learning about the human condition, training and followed (still does) all the rabbit holes leading to the mine of her heart. Virginie is working consciously on remembering who she was before the world told her who to be.

Gentle nurturing and deep care are expressions of her nature, and testament to this are her 3 children, that have grown into healthy, joyous, autonomous young adults.

She has trained as an executive coach and lives between Paris and Aegina in Greece.

She is leading our team in Aegina, motivates and coaches us in producing the Good Life retreats, road trips, workshops and seminars that Aaron and I have been talking about for years. In a nutshell, she is helping us turn our can’t(s) into can and our dreams into plans.

Her favourite word is Metamorphosis and she adores the band Simple Minds.

Come and share the dance floor with her although you might not sit down again…(yes, that is both literal and metaphorical).

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