Greek mythology tells us that Persephone (aka Kòre) was the goddess of agriculture and vegetation, especially grain. She agreed to marry Hades the underworld ruler after many proposals and only after he presented her with a ripe pomegranate. Kòre ruled the underworld with her husband but only for the 8 winter months and moved to the upper world during summer bringing growth on the land and renewed life.

Kòre was born 27th February 2021 (Piscean) one of two girls in a litter of 8. She is a white Greek sheep dog, an ancient breed of working dogs that is found only in Greece, especially on mountainous regions protecting people and animals from intruders, wolves and bears (we do have bears in Greece). From the moment she could stand and walk it was obvious that she is inquisitive and with a mind all of her own. She has been lovingly raised and although not fully developed, as these dogs become fully grown both in size and behaviour at around 24 months, her uniqueness is becoming apparent. Gentle, affectionate, discreet, fierce, protective, independent, wise, social and loves humans and animals except chickens and cats. Also, stubborn, and a little scared of the wind. She is learning the ropes by her mother and she is on her way in becoming a true specimen of her breed. She is our much-loved tribe member up in the Aeginean mountains.

The ancient Greeks, utilising the strong protective instincts, intelligence and physical prowess of these dogs, trained them as part of their battle formations, to protect the rear of the army in case of a surprise attack. Additionally, there was an ancient superstition and stories were told that these dogs especially the females, have healing abilities. Children were encouraged to care for female puppies so that the health, strength and wisdom of the dog would be passed into them.
She dislikes being woken up..

Once you meet her you shall never forget her and she will generously give of her gifts to you.

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