Aaron Quinn

During a Master class coaching retreat; he was given the nickname Sniper due to his minimal, laconic, yet incisive and non-judgemental comments. He is motivated by the bigger picture.

People who know him well, would describe him as loyal, curious, fiercely intelligent, humorous and kind but terrible at housework. He loves the word Wonder.

After a 20 year international career in advertising and communications, he felt compelled to follow another path, a much harder path, exploring the Self and the way it is expressed in the world. With courage, openness and curiosity that he did not know possessed (perhaps still doesn’t) he took a dive in the doubt, dissatisfaction, human suffering and past traumas. His 10 plus year journey in numerous retreats, workshops and challenging experiences gave him glimpses in the human condition. He never backed down, despite the fear, despite the pain of peeling the layers. His heart cracked and started smiling.

He trained as a mindfulness teacher and leadership coach and works with international clients that appreciate his Sniper qualities and non-judgemental, non-nonsense approach.

Two years ago, he moved from his base in the Far East to the Greek island of Aegina with a passionate intent to create a space, where his Aquarian love for humanity can be expressed by utilising the tools he collected along his exploration journey that now comes in full circle and offer this wealth of experiences in the form of retreats that explore what makes a Good Life in the age of hyper-individualism, consumer frenzy, and apathy.

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